Welcome to Popova Kula

EYGEC2024 is going to take place at the winery Popova Kula, placed in front of the gorge Demir Kapija (upon which the nearby city is named), the last gorge on the path of river Vardar on its way to the Aegean sea. The location is at a driving distance of 100 km from the Skopje International Airport and 140 km from the airport in Thessaloniki. Both airports are connected to Demir Kapija by highway.

Popova Kula

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Address: Wine Boulevard No.1, Demir Kapija 1442

Address: Wine Boulevard no. 1, Demir Kapija 1442, Republic of Macedonia

Mobile/Viber: +389 76 432 630

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/popovakulawinery

Instagram profile - popovakulawinery

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